Popular Flower Decoration Ideas For Wedding

Till nowadays, there are so many people plant some flower in their home. The purpose of that is to make the house more colorful, beautiful and the other purposes. For you who want to know how to decorate flower, there are some tips for decorating your flowers to make room or events more colorful and beautiful. In every wedding, the presence of flowers seems so important. Aside from being a bridal flower bouquet, flowers are also often used as decorating the location of the event. It can make the atmosphere more romantic while showing an elegant impression.

Flower Decorations Make Romantic Atmosphere

Every wedding celebrations are always synonymous with a variety of beautiful and colorful flowers. Flowers are widely used as hand flowers or hand bouquet for brides, table flowers, wedding decorations and so on. Because flowers are already attached and become a very important part of a wedding. It seems incomplete when celebrating a wedding without flowers. Flowers will make the atmosphere lively at the wedding party also to make the wedding location more beautiful and attractive. In addition, you can make flowers as a table decoration which is one important part and should not be missed.

Same with other flower arrangements, flowers for table decoration are also available with many choices of attractive types and colors. So that it allows you to be more easily and freely in choosing table flowers for wedding party decorations that match your wedding theme. You can also adjust to the budget you have. For those of you who are currently confused to find references or ideas of the type of flower arrangements that are suitable for use during weddings, here tips to decorating your flowers to make room or events more colorful and beautiful. These are some types of flower arrangements for a wedding that can be your consideration later.

Popular Flower Arrangements For Wedding

  1. Bouquet Of Flowers With Shady Leaves And Stems

In order for a happier day to be perfect, many brides will choose their wedding bouquet according to the tastes and trends. Nowadays, the usual bouquet no longer in the form of just flowers. Now, most prospective brides choose a wedding flower bouquet complete with a variety of lush foliage. Bouquet of flowers is no longer small but tends to be larger and slightly wider. This will make the white dress look more elegant and beautiful.

  1. Hanging Flowers

The entrance with decorative fronds may be too mainstream. If you want a more unique party, just use the curtain at the entrance made of flowers mounted in reverse. With a flower arrangement at the entrance like this, your wedding will be more beautiful and memorable for invited guests. You can choose beautiful flowers like orchids, wisteria, chrysanthemums, and jasmine to be used as hanging flowers at the entrance. Meanwhile, adjust the color and size of the flowers that will be used with the concept of marriage and the size of the room used as a wedding venue.

  1. Potted Plants

If the wedding is carried on the garden party theme, you can make potted plants as flowers for wedding party decorations. Various kinds of potted plants with fresh and colorful flowers will enliven your wedding party. Usually, the selection of potted plants involves flowers that have bright colors and large sizes. You can put this decoration on the dining table or hang it on the dining table. But remember, adjust the size of the pot with a table so that the decoration can match the table surface.

  1. Minimalist Arrangement

In order for your wedding to look simple but still elegant, display flowers in a minimalist way. To make it, you only need a transparent vase of various shapes and greenery. After all of that has been collected, just put two to three stems of the same type in one pot. To be more beautiful you can put white flowers in it. Place the vase on the table as a table flower decoration and dining table will look beautiful and fresher. But keep in mind this type of decoration is usually suitable for weddings with minimalist themes where white becomes dominant. The green color of the plant will make the atmosphere more calm and cool. Those are 4 tips for decorating your flowers to make room or events more colorful and beautiful. Hopefully, these tips can help you to decorate flowers.

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